Entertainment 2024

Calamity Jane

Energetic portrayal by Jena Sierks

Friday at 6:30 pm
Saturday at 4:30 pm
Saturday at 7:30 pm
Sunday at 9:15 am
Sunday at 12:15 pm
and, will be present all weekend

Phyllis Stone

Friday at 8:00 pm
Saturday at 9:45 am
Saturday at 3:30 pm

Buffalo Bill

Portrayal by Dion Chaon

Friday at 7:30 pm
Sunday at 12:15 pm

Will be present all weekend  – be sure to view and speak with him about his many old west artifacts.

Deb Carpenter-Nolting

Saturday at 11:30 am Sunday at 11:00 am

Kelsey Arrington

Saturday at 12:30 pm
Saturday at 8:15 pm

Sandra Kay Buckner

Friday at 7:00 pm
Saturday at 12:00 am
Saturday at 8:15 pm
Sunday at 1:30 pm

Gordy Wilkins

Saturday at 5:30 pm
Sunday at 12:45 pm
and, will be present all weekend

Gold Canyon Gun Fighters

Old West shoot ’em up skits

Friday at 5:10 pm
Saturday at 8:30 am
Saturday at 2:15 am
Sunday at 8:45 am

Peter & Kathy Gibbs

Funding was provided by Humanities Nebraska and the Nebraska Cultural Endowment.  However, the views expressed in this program do not necessarily reflect the view of Humanities Nebraska or the Nebraska Cultural Endowment.

Friday at 5:40 pm
Saturday at 9:15 am
Saturday at 5:00 pm
Sunday at 10:15 am

Chris Gutierrez

Our master of ceremonies and a talented local vocalist.

Fashion Show

Brought to you by Saunders Costumes

Friday at 2:45 pm