Past Activities

Children's Treasure Hunt Activity Challenge

Take a guided bus tour to Camp Lookout, Boothill Cemetery, and the Fort Sidney Museum

Historic Scavenger Hunt on Bicycles

Hoop Trundling

Play Cricket with Tom Melville

Gold Panning

Hands on panning for fools gold (iron pyrite)

Speak with the Frontiersmen

Face Painting

Cowboy Fast Draw

Outwest Gunslinger’s Dirty Face Gang

Wagon Rides

Hand Churned Ice Cream

Black Powder Cannon Firings

Line Dancing with Trevon Newman

Campfire S'mores

Make a Mini Teepee

Take Train ride with Mike's Train Company

Make an Arrowhead Pendant

Watch a Blacksmith at Work

Try your hand at using a Spring Pole Lathe

Learn About Weaving

Learn How to Start a Fire

Children's Tomahawk Throw

5K Obstacle Course Walk/Run

Build with Giant Lincoln Logs

Sew on a Treadle Sewing Machine

Hand Cart Rides

Cowboy Fast Draw

Pie Contest

Make a Cowboy Vest or an Indian Headband

5K Walk/Run

Watch a Sock Being Made on a Hand Cranked Sock Knitting Machine

Learn about Spinning & Weaving

Laughing Lamb Fibers

Get into the spirit of Sidney Gold Rush Days

Rent an old west costume for the entire weekend. 

$50 rentals from Saunders Costumes.  

Clothing also available for purchase as well as custom tailored orders.