Jacie McConnell

The Little Fiddler and Story Teller

Dan Holtz

All Original, All Nebraska

Nebraska Through Song and Story

From Bleeding Kansas to Old Virginny: Songs and Stories of the Civil War

Rex Rideout

Rex is a longtime student of the music and songs of the 19th-Century American West. As the proprietor of Time Travel Music, Rex has performed at countless historic sites and museums across the West. His music has also been featured on television and radio. Rex plays many musical instruments: mandolin, fiddle, guitar, banjo, and tin whistle, to name just a few.

Chris Sayre


Nebraska's Musical Smorgasbord: Music from Various Ethnic Groups in Nebraska

A Musical Journey Across America: Songs That Helpd Shape a Nation

The British Isles and Irish Sampler

Lincoln native Chris Sayre has been performing music professionally for over 40 years. He has dedicated much of that time to the promotion and preservation of traditional folk music from Western Europe and North America. A few of the instruments he plays are the Button Accordion, Concertina, Dulcimer, Guitar, Mandolin, and Saw.

Charlotte Endorf


No Time on My Hands: The Story of Grace Snyder

The Life and Legacy of Annie Oakley

Charlotte Endorf is a lifelong Nebraskan. She specializes in speaking to elementary schools, women's groups, museums, town festivals, senior centers, nursing homes and libraries throughout Nebraska, accurately describing the story of the platform girls of the Canteen, Annie Oakley, the Orphan Train and Grace Snyder. She has written several poems and developed documentaries that keep history alive.

Caryl Harvey

Historic portrayal of Sara Ann Whitney who walked the Oregon Trail in 1859

Jerry Lucas

Jerry has had an interest in western expansion history since he was about 10 years old. He lived in Lawrence, KS at that time. Lawrence was on a branch of the Santa Fe and Oregon trails and he would explore the area looking for artifacts and relics. He would also spend time at the museum of natural history on the university campus fascinated by the display of Comanche, the horse found alive at the Battle of the little Big Horn.
He is a US Army veteran, a former teacher, a retired postal service employee, and a National Parks Service ranger. He now volunteers at Scotts Bluff National Monument doing living history and telling the story of Hiram Scott. He has been researching Hiram Scott vigorously since 2006, and continues to follow leads to find the facts and establish a foundation for the myth and legend as it is presented today.


Bob & Sheila Everhart

Smithsonian Institution

Paul Siebert

David Seay

Peter Gibbs

Interactive Question-and-Answer sessions to find out everything you ever wanted to know about life in a tipi lodge.

Michael Murphy

Jerome Kills Small

David Marsh

"Music of the Plains"
"Music of the Germanic Lands"

Aspen County Band

Snake Oil Salesman

Gold Canyon Gunfighters

Gordy Wilkins

Green Valley Homesteaders

Joan Wells Trick Roper

Chris Gutierrez

High Horses

Ted Peetz

Dobbys Kids

Cheyenne County Community Band

Colorado Trailblazers


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